About 100 Fold Automation

PLC Upgrade, Conversion, and Programming Contractor in Newmarket, Ontario

100 Fold Automation

Offering 44 Years of industrial experience, 32 years in GTA Toronto Automation with 12 years in Florida, North and South Carolina plus Connecticut  in automation with high quality success in process, packaging and industrial design of any size.

Specializing in  improvements and upgrades of automated equipment, debugging programs and optimize systems for higher production output.

Replacing embedded controllers to PLC with customer machine operational specifications, including a variety of Human Controlled Interface. Custom VB Code for Human Control Interface with auto start of I/O server, you can stop and restart Interface without crashing or rebooting PC, if communication is lost software will automatically recover when com reestablishes bug free.

Factory information to WebPages in  real time with private login. Remote control and off site monitoring of equipment with webcam tilt pan and zoom. View and control from anywhere in the world. You can have equipment email you information, status, production totals and down time